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What is AS?

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What is AS?

  Common Signs:

  • Little or no eye contact.

  • Shying away from social contact.

  • Doesn't speak in sentences (i.e. only says yes, no or a few words each time, etc.).

  • May appear inappropriate at times with their social interactions.

  • May appear threatening or strange when angry or pressured.

  • Can be extremely anxious in unfamiliar situations.

  • May not like to be touched (i.e. hugged). This can be worked on in a relationship.

  • Smiles during inappropriate times (i.e. when being told off or shouted at by teachers). 

  • Has automatic impulses or "tics" to do things that they have no control over (i.e. wink, whistle, laugh etc).

  • May develop obsessions with objects or people (not dangerous).

  • May but not always will seem withdrawn from the world around them depending on what part of the spectrum they're on (severity).

  • Be extremely impressionable and appear vulnerable to people who could take advantage of them.

  • Sometimes seem emotionless when you expect them to be happy, upset etc.

Brief Description:


AS (Aspergers Syndrome) can be a very hard condition to live with. Socially it's debilitating because inside you want to be able to socialize, but however hard you try for some reason you act like your totally socially retarded (no offence to Aspies reading this). But you aren't really, it's for description only.



In my experience, I can say the harder people with Aspergers try the more they mess up. The more pressure that's put on us the more likely we are to slip up socially.  I can tell you one thing though, Aspie's are generally good people; with the exception of a few as in any group.


As an Aspie you can feel very guilty if you do something that happens to upset a person, a little lie can even eat away at you. If you're one of the people who are wary of them there's generally no need to be. There are the odd few that are not very nice but that is more about their personality rather than disability.



Autistic Spectrum Definitions

AS - Shortened version of Aspergers Syndrome.


Autistic Spectrum Conditions (used to be Disorders)- Describes all the spectrums under one umbrella.



Aspie - Nickname for people with Aspergers we use although a few of us don't like this terminology.


NT (Neurotypical) What Aspies call so called "normal brained" people.




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