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Urgent Review of Case (Provisional Petition)

A case has been conducted against a 30 year old woman that has intellectual challenges due to health issues. Recently, certain facts have been revealed via third parties that have proven that the individual involved was practically 'set up' by a local university to say some awful things in anger to the lecturer involved in this case. The girl is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and has other issues (wishing to keep them private) that affects how her brain functions. She is intelligent, but lacks understanding and an official IQ test done on her 5 years ago was unscorable due to her brain being so differently wired. Let's take into account this fact. Does that make someone criminally responsible for actions done in anger (associated with their disability)?

The local police force has continually targeted her throughout her life. She has subsequently been labelled as an awful undesirable person for having a brain that doesn't work 'normally'. She was basically upset at how the university treated her. There was no intention to harass. She just wanted answers from someone that she assumed that she could trust. The lecturer involved had previously promised this girl that she would not get excluded and she definitely would never go to the police. This individual has the mind of a child. In her eyes, she was just wanting answers. These answers were kept from her for over 2 years. In the meantime this case was going through court every time she tried to get the other person to talk to her because they'd made a restraining order.

The individual is due in court again next month for breaking the order. She knows the truth because someone told her after the order got broken last time. This petition is to apply pressure to all involved to remove the charges (due to the misunderstandings) and take off the restraining order (which is set for an indefinite period of time - life). The individual is just continually being punished for something that was caused by miscommunication between professionals (including her own support service).

There has been absolutely no focus on rehabilitation, only punishing someone for being the way they are and refusing to make allowances for disability (due to the harassment law amendments in 1997). The probation service says she is inappropriate for their service and a community sentence. The outside services (eg. mental health) have let this girl down. Each referral to services during this period (which she actively seeked out herself), have told her that they cannot help her. At the same time, she is getting told that she is a bad person and that she isn't even trying to conform.

The charges and restraining order should be removed on this basis alone. This is the aim of this petition. Complaints have been submitted to the local police, NAS (their support service failed this girl while she was attending the university) and the Independent body above the university.

This has had an extremely drastic negative consequences on the individuals life. She has lost college places because they have found out about the record (judging her difficulties as criminal intent rather than disability affects). She has lost volunteer opportunities because they have told her that they won't take her due to this record (one that now the truth has emerged, she doesn't really deserve).

The Psychological affects on this individual have been severe, causing significant damage. She now has extreme high anxiety. No longer going out socially. She has experienced depression and suicidal feelings because she has felt trapped in a situation that she knows she doesn't deserve due to not doing any actions in malice. She barely even visits family because she feels that they all look at her in shame due to the labels. She is currently distressed over the prospect of being punished further by the courts for something she could not help at that time due to being upset and wishing to know the truth.

The whole situation has made the girl not only mentally affected, but also physically. She experiences constant feelings of exhaustion and stress makes her literally sick. The other health problems she suffers from have started to severely affect her.

(Petition link will be added when the company re-approves the wording of the original petition, we're hoping that this will be within the next few days).