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By: Tara Kimberley Torme

I do NOT have a DISEASE - I have DIS-abilities as well as ABILITIES that cause UNEASE - generally to others!

I do not need to be cured.

Oh yeah - I don't have a condition. Please do not say how sorry to hear about my "condition".

I don't have a mental illness - contrary to what my cold and cruel grandmother thinks.

I do not have a personality disorder.

I have Asperger Syndrome. I don't have Hamburger's Syndrome. I have Asperger's Syndrome.

It is a neurological disorder.

Please don't be afraid to say "neurological disorder" to me. It is a word. It won't hurt me.It does not have any negative connotations for me.

I have empathy.

I have my own sense of humor: I love to drink naked water, eat naked rice, cheese and pasta and consume, plain old naked cheese & sauce pizza. I also love to ride on a naked bus and sit on a
naked seat and pet my 3 very naked cats Phantom,Opera & Spot.

I am able to work.

I am able to live on my own.

I have my own circle of friends.

I am NOT retarded - I may be a slow thinker but I AM smart and given the chance I will surprise you with my wit and wisdom and insight into life.

I am able to express myself quite well through the written word. I may have trouble expressing my thoughts and feelings verbally/orally, but I am able to do so.

I do not need to be institutionalized or be put into one of those subsidized homes and live off of disability income for the rest of my life.

I am university educated - I have two degrees: 1 in English & one in Publishing.

Tara Kimberley Torme