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Steve's Story

I don't really know where to begin with the story of mine. I guess I'll start from the beginning. I've been an Aspie since I was about 14. Lets just say I find it both a gift and a curse. The gift section of it is my memory but the curse side is the loneliness of being the only Aspie in my village and the fact I'm more or less ignored by people let alone be able to understand how "normal" people even tick. To me at the moment, my life is just a sad existence of being on the dole, spending my days collecting Transformers, watching tons of cartoons and spending hours on either the internet or my Gamecube. All I want to do at the moment is to meet other people like myself. I can then try and understand the meaning of being an Aspie, and maybe try and find a light out of the tunnel of loneliness  I've been trapped in since I was first told I was an Aspie.