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1. First of all tell us what prospects does. When was it set up and why? What are the contact details of prospects?

Prospects is the Employment consultancy for the National Autistic Society, it was set up to assist adults with Autism and Asperger syndrome to look for work and gain training to prepare them for work and support them in the workplace.

Contact details are: 

8 The Ivories
6-8 Northampton Street
N1 2HY
Office Number 0207 704 7450

2. When did you first hear of AS? How did you find out about it? 

I worked in the Autism Research Unit at the University of Sunderland when I was a student there.


3. Why did you decide to work for the service prospects? 

I had been working with children with Autism and decided I would like to work with adults this job came up and I though it suited my skills and it was what I was looking for.


4. Have you ever had to deal with very hard cases? How are they like to deal with? Do you manage to sort things out in these cases? Has there ever been a time when you couldn't help someone? 

Everyone is treated on an individual basis, some clients do have additional issues apart from ASD and some don't, it is also the case that sometimes we are not always able to help someone for a number of reasons and if this is the case we will try our best to find an alternative support for them who can better match their needs.


5. Is it fun working at prospects? What is your role in prospects? 

I enjoy working for Prospects, I am a senior employment consultant and I manage our Work Preparation programme,  Student support service and Transitions.


6. What do you think of people with AS? How do you find these people? 

The same as I think of anyone with or without AS, I take everyone as an individual and support them in the areas that they need support in.


7. What is prospects policy for working with people who have AS? IS there any rules stating what you can and can't do? Can you share a few with us? 

Our 'policy' is that as long as someone is actively seeking a diagnosis then they can come to one if our programmes at Prospects, with regards to Work Preparation it is a London wide contract only, so referrals can only come from within London. This is the same for Transitions, but there is more flexibility with out New Deal for Disabled and Access courses.


8. Have you ever worked for any other place that works with people who have AS? If yes where? 

I used to work for the Treehouse Trust which is a school for children with Autism, based in North London.


9. Do you have any family members or friends with AS? Have you ever had a close personal link with it? 



10. Are you comfortable with working with people who have AS? Do you think people should be afraid of them? Do you feel they need to be given more chances to cope in life? 

I am very happy to work with people with AS and Prospects is able to help clients to get the right job and gain the skills to do that.