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1. What was prison like for you? Do any experiences stick in your mind? Would you like to give an example?


It was absolutely horrible because I was being bullied all the time.


2. What did you do to be sent to prison? What crime did you commit?


I hit my Grandma three times with a hammer. I got charged with GBH with intent. I spent 7 months in prison.


3. When you found out that you had Aspergers Syndrome how did you feel?


I was scared because I didn't know what it was. I thought it was physical and serious.


4. Did the things that happened to you in prison make your condition/behaviour worse?


Yes it did because there were lots of self harmers in prison and it made me feel worse. When other people kicked off it made me feel like doing the same as them.


5. Did you develop any other mental health difficulties because of having been put in prison?


I think I developed Post Tramatic Stress Disorder due to those experiences. I got diagnosed with the disorder.


6. Do you feel that campaigning for people who have Aspergers to stop them from being sent to prison is a worth while thing to do?


Yes because with Aspergers you need professional help because if we're not treated properly we get worse.


7. Did you feel frightened and unable to cope in prison?


I felt frightened because of the bullying and began self harming.


8. Does your experiences of prison still deeply affect you?


Yes I have nightmares about my experiences in prison.


9. What would you like to see as an alternative to prison for people with Aspergers Syndrome?


Hospitals that specialise in Aspergers Syndrome which I am in, like Milton park Independent Hospital in Bedfordshire.


10. Has it left you with disturbing memories? Is there one you would like to tell me?


Yes I do have disturbing memories. My friend in prison cut herself with a razor blade and there was blood all over the cell floor.


Extra Information - This interview was conducted in 2007. The names have been changed to protect the person being interviewed. ASSGO conducted this interview to back up it's change the law petition. Permission was given at the time by the person being interviewed to allow us to publish it. This information got lost for a few years. We apologise for the delay in publishing this interview.