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PREVENT - The Potential Implications

PREVENT - The Potential Implications for certain groups...

Safeguarding has always been one of those topics which has been controversial because of events that have happened. How far is too far? This is a question that will receive a different answer from every individual asked.

But, what exactly is seen as extremism under PREVENT? Apparently, it covers groups with strong views of the rights and wrongs of a particular subject. Eg. Animal Rights, Anti Abortion as well as other far right groups, such as Neo - Natzi, EDL etc. There is a danger of this safeguarding strategy (along with it's predecessors) putting both innocent view points and sadistic ones.

There are many of us that have diagnosis's of mental illness / brain conditions that have been badly treated due to safeguarding being quite 'blanketed'. There are also a number of us that purely have our views because of our experiences of the system. For example, those of us that have had a child taken away by child protection services within the UK because of our disabilities (due to the fact that they do not understand mental health related conditions... following the misconceptions and fear surrounding previous case studies); could be accused of being extremists. Or others at least thinking we may have abused our children to deserve it. In the majority of cases the children are taken on risk of probability going by previous case studies. Then, there are those of us that have been treated harshly for our disability affects. We have those views because of events that have happened in our lives... there is no extremism aspect.

The safeguarding does need to be there because of the rise of terrorism. However, over the last 10 years, there has been too many regulations put into parts of society dealing with the public. This has led to our society (certainly within the UK) becoming a less friendly and supportive society. Isolation by vulnerable groups (which includes mental health/brain condition suffers) has dramatically increased. This is most likely due to individuals being afraid of losing their jobs if they've found to have been compromised if something comes out which was disclosed to them by someone at work. The rise of social problems are coinciding with the changes that have been made over the last 10 years. The stricter these regulations, the more isolated those with brain/mental health conditions (as well as all other vulnerable groups).

This is because the current safeguarding is drilling into others that anyone who is 'different' could be a potential threat. The balance is not right at all. There are those of us which are living lives that are far from comfortable because of the way that safeguarding has brainwashed others. There is a huge difference between someone that has a health condition (which affects their brain) and someone that is purely out to abuse others (that don't have disabilities). This is something society has to recognise before the isolation issues get out of control. There needs to be a focus on inclusion because, currently (and over previous years), there is an opinion that those displaying abnormal behaviours should be excluded and punished. In reality that stance is making it worse. If the person wasn't punished/excluded in the first place, then their problems wouldn't escalate and things would stay safer.