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Poppy Shakespeare Review - Series 1 Monday 31st March 2008 at 9pm

This was an eye opening drama. It was based around two patients at a psychiatric day hospital. It's true that if you put a normal person in one of those kind of places then they can become mentally ill. It was a sad story. It's horrible how someone could lose everything in a few weeks. As someone who has been in a psychiatric hospital it brought tears to my eyes. I know that things happen like that in real life. In those kind of hospitals the bond built up between patients are very strong. The worse part of the story is when it tells us why poppy got put in there. Apparently it was through filling out a job application form. The answers she gave were according to them abnormal. It really shows how society is getting. It also shows how difficult to tell whether someone is sane or mentally ill. Poppy seemed normal compared with the rest of them. But in the end she was the one who ended up losing everything and got put on section.