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Introducing A.S.S.G.O's OCD Boot Camp
Welcome to AS Support Group Online's ocd boot camp. We're calling this a boot camp because this plan has been devised to work for people who wish to develop their self discipline in order to combat their problematic ocd traits. If you decide to try this plan then you must combine all the plans steps. If you do not follow those instructions then this plan won't work for your ocd. Disclaimer: This plan may not work for all individuals that participate in this programme. The plan is purely a self help guide (written by someone with ocd -assgo site manager); there has currently been no medical trials to prove the effectiveness of this plan.
What is OCD? - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This condition is sometimes a part of Asperger Syndrome. This is a trait of the condition. The ocd traits vary in severity and manifests differently in each individual affected by the condition. The traits are caused by anxiety. The person affected by the condition experiences unwelcome, negative thoughts that lead to repetitive compulsions, impulses and urges (description from ocd uk website). 

Step One: Negative Thoughts Strategy

This part of ocd is the route of the behaviour issues. The thoughts behind the compulsive actions. The negative thoughts are the core part of ocd. Lets start with a common thought that triggers ocd behaviours. If I don't do this action (the compulsion) then a negative event is going to occur. i.e. (personal experience from own ocd)...The person won't like me if I don't do a certain action to make them like me. Then that leads to the compulsion to email them. The strategy for tackling this kind of thought process is to manipulate the negative thoughts into a positive thought. It is difficult at first. You won't make instant progress; there will be times when you relapse into intrusive ocd behaviours. Following this plan will reduce them to a manageable level. Then after that you may not experience impulses, compulsions or urges again. This is a process, not a magic wand. It takes commitment to the work involved in the process and the person has to want to change. When these negative thoughts occur try to distract yourself with something you enjoy. i.e. Music. If that isn't possible then when you feel a negative thought then write a list of everything you're thankful for that has occurred in your life. Won't and Can't are words that are no longer allowed to be used on a daily basis because they become negative thoughts. Only use these terms when they are absolutely needed. You must remember that every day is a new day. You aren't the same as you were yesterday. Chose to leave all the negative events of the past firmly behind you because these escalate ocd behaviours.  



Step Two: Change How You Think....

Brain waves control how our brain functions. They are electrical impulses that control our thoughts, feelings and actions. There is a way to reprogramme these brain waves to try to combat ocd behaviours. It involves listening to sounds known as Binaural Beats/Tones. You can find these sound videos on youtube. Here are some of the ones that are helpful to ocd traits: (You must wear headphones to feel the effect)


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx0TLEs0wMs - Binaural Beats DNA Repair 528 hz + 731 hz + 732 hz + Isochronic Tone.


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncrpcbX9L3A - Nerve Regeneration, Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WSoGhg81rA - Extremely Positive Pure Clean Energy - Raise Good Vibrations - Frequencies 10 hz and 160 hz (Improves general mood, provides relief from lost sleep, promotes clarity in the subconscious, reduces headaches and stimulates production of serotonin). 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWwjzV0JHV0  - Alpha Therapy for ADHD 15 hz and 270 hz. - repairing brain wave activity while subliminally normalizing ones control. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Gog4efK42w  - Relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRk373A7kg0 - 417 hz, 528 hz for Transformation, Miracles and Change


 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGmBBp7xRgs - Depression and Anxiety Relief 108 hz and 3.5 hz


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FGnSeBAGYI  - Overcoming addiction 108 hz and 7.5 hz


There are many more tracks on youtube, but these ones selected are appropriate for ocd related behaviour training. 


Brief Details about Binaural Beats/Tones Therapy

This kind of therapy approach has been studied by Neurophysiologists. The term binaural beats was first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. The different frequencies are played deliberately in a certain way to influence the brain in subtle ways through retraining brainwaves. Binaural beats are claimed to have reduced anxiety and provided other health benefits such as pain relief. It has also been proven to influence functions of the brain. This is a phenomenon called frequency following response - implanting stimulus to train existing brainwaves to follow frequency. The different frequencies are said to activate different sites within the brain.


The Reason Why Cognitive Behaviour Therapy doesn't work in ever OCD case....

CBT involves exposing the client to fear. That fear links client to ocd trait or even increases those traits. It technically can set off preventative compulsions in some clients depending on the route cause of their ocd.


Medication For OCD 

Anti Depressants do help ocd traits. Although, not solely on their own. There has to be medication alongside various other therapy approaches. 


Step Three: Diet Changes

There are certain foods are suppose to help neurotransmitters that can help to chemically control ocd behaviours. These are the foods listed below: (apologies if you are vegan or vegetarian because you won't be able to eat half of these, you'll need to look for foods that contain the ingredients GABA, L-Glutamine, Dopamine, Tyrosine, Norepinephrine and L- Phenylalanine, Acetylcholine, choline and L-Tryptophan ... Please do not eat foods with those chemicals if you're allergic to them). 


Turkey, Milk, Whole Wheat, Pumpkin Seeds, Cottage Cheese, Almonds, Soybeans.... Improves sleep, calmness and mood.


Eggs, Peaches, Grape Juice, Avocado, Sunflower Seeds, Granola, Peas.... Decreases tension and irritability, also increases calmness.


Fish, Oats, Wheat, Dairy Products, Chicken, Soybeans... Increases feelings of pleasure.


Peanuts, Lima Beans, Sesame Seeds, Chicken, Yoghurt, Milk, Soybeans... Increases energy, feelings of pleasure and memory.


Egg Yolks.... Improves memory.


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