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Nutrition Matters
By: Dr. Lisa Malangone PhD

As a Nutritional Life Style Practitioner as well as a mother with two sons’ on the autism spectrum, the importance of detoxification through a proper blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals have been a vital tool to balancing autism in a very natural manner.


Studies have shown that vitamin supplements in tablet form have a very low absorption rate and been known to be synthetically developed at times.  With issues such as “leaky gut” and lack of absorption, children with autism need the most bio available liquid form of “Food Science” nutrition in order to improve the biochemistry of the body and the brain which invites the nervous system to work as nature intended.


My husband, a microbiologist and I spent numerous years working to prefect an exact science based diet for our first son with Aspergers Syndrome.  The combination of products in the beginning resulted in noticeable improvements, however; finding a single product with the exact blend of 70 plus vitamins, herbs and minerals took some time but were well worth the search.  Developed as a patented food product in liquid form, this product developed has been the difference for both of our sons, not a cure mind you, but the fuel their bodies have needed to function the needed biochemical processes and functions at the cellular level.  We now see sharper clarity, less meltdowns and an increase in social skills.


Resource: Science and Health Today-Kids Nutrition by: Dr. Carl Hastings PhD
Resource: Alternative Cures by: Bill Gottlieb
Resource: The Green Pharmacy by: James A. Duke PhD

The above article has been written based on the knowledge and experiences of Dr. Lisa Malangone PhD a strong advocate in the Global Autism Community, however; in no way is it written or to be taken as as medical advice, legal, technical or therapeutic.  For more information concerning the exact products recommended by Dr. Malangone please email Dr. Malangone @ [email protected]