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Attention - Important Information Regarding Diagnosistic Criteria of Aspergers/Autism


The website has just heard that the diagnostic criteria for Aspergers Syndrome has changed.  Apparently it is proposed that it will now go on a severity score, aspergers/autism and then intelligence score.  It has also been mentioned that if you look younger and act younger then you also get lumped in the more severe social category. The diagnostic criteria will mean you'll be assessed on social understanding - That will be put mild, moderate severe. Then your category Aspergers or Autism and then intelligence level in cognitive functioning around everyday tasks. There are worries that this sort of change will impact negatively on many people's lives due to the wrong information being obtained. Then it being passed to other places to show an individuals abilities. It may have a detrimental effect on the progression of things they'd like to do in their lives. It could be less helpful in the long run for people with these conditions. It may be easier as far as categorising everything to get a clearer diagnosis. Although many aspergers have already expressed that they do NOT wish for their abilities to be categorised in that way. They prefer being categorised under either Aspergers, High Functioning Autism or Autism. Visitors are welcome to share their views on these new criteria rules on the forum members area. The site manager will be touching on this on the next blog entry she posts as to what her personal view is and how it has impacted her life. 

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