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Turning In Big Brother
Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities

Dogma's, Stigma's and Fundamental Freedoms


Nathan Young

Once you have been in a mental institution, people tend to think you're nuts. What’s even worse is if you experience what I experienced, it’s somehow ok by a few to take away the rights ensured to us by the constitution. People tend to lean towards protectionism, as to insure the safety of an individual, rather then his or her rights with a balance. It’s called thinking for the best interest of the person, but still yet there are freedoms to protect and a balance to concern.


The stigma of mental illness and disabilities of the mind developmentally are sometimes wrong. Instead of subjective logics, people tend to think, well he or she is ill and might apply false dogmatic facts to another individuals mind, without knowing the truth of that persons mind. Sometimes wrongs happen, whether or not someone is mentally ill or not, still one cannot alienate an individuals fundamental freedoms regardless of possible false stigmas.


In my experience with forced care of which I have never been locked up in a mental health facility before this occurrence, I know what happened to me was wrong. I cannot help but think how many others are locked up falsely, forced drugged and alienated of their trust of the system. So I believe that eventually, victory will be found in the form of votes.


After all it is expensive to insure individuals rights, especially the very poor and low income. It is too inconvenient to protect the freedoms of the disabled who are poor and who do not pay as many taxes as others. What is convenient though, is to not bother paying much attention, to just allow rights to be removed without someone being a criminal and to ignore the truth when it is said.


My story, called Turning in Big Brother is the truth. It is me speaking out against something I never expected to happen, something I’ll never forget and something that I will assure is heard. Even if discriminatory stigmas are placed on me, I am ignored by some with false ideas, I am still confident in a victory for freedoms eventually.


Whether or not it takes five or even ten years or even the rest of my life to be heard, I will be vindicated. I’ve already been heard by a member of congress, now it’s time for the tax paying citizens to read my story. I’d hope for a future vote on the matter, and I believe this is where victory will be found.


*Protectionism should in no way conveniently violate essential freedoms of choice. Forced treatment should only be conducted if behaviors are so volatile one is causing or has threatened to cause immediately impending harm to him or herself and or others. Only with a court order or written consent of the patient should these fundamental rights be overridden.


It is to convenient to take away the rights of others in the name of protectionism, whilst considering it in the best interest of others, freedoms are freedoms and we are in America. I believe the underlined text is the next best step to preserving the freedoms of Americans in this here free country of the United States of America.


Forced treatment, warranted or not, is billable to insurance companies. There is far to great of a chance that such treatment methodologies are overly used and conducted to conveniently. Preserving the integrity of the mental health profession I believe is dependent upon both preserving the rights of free Americans and as well as assisting them while in need.