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How do those of us on the Autistic Spectrum protect ourselves against Narcissistic Abuse? 

Published 02/04/2017 - Written by Emma-Lucy

I have embarked on this article because of my own life situation. I do not wish other individuals who are vulnerable to fall victim to the kind of tactics that have been inflicted on me. In my case, the events caused by the actions of others who were quite dishonest and basically not very pleasant people have ruined my long term life prospects.

I'm going to give out a few imperative rules in order to protect yourselves against becoming vulnerable to narcissistic abuse from other people. 

1. It doesn't matter how an individual appears (even if they're charming etc), do not discuss/disclose any of your past or current life to anyone! This even means in a professional capacity if you're encouraged or asked to 'open up'. 

2. Do not sign any documents that discloses your details to others (especially in a professional capacity). 

3. If it is vitally important that you disclose some information, it is better to be brief and not give out too much detail. 

I'm not wishing to go into too much detail in regards to my own life. I'm basically going to outline how I got targeted by a narcissist. These individuals are not obvious, even to those that are close to them. They are extremely skilled at staying in a covert position where they cannot ever be discovered to be a heartless individual that only bothers with others to further their own gains. They simply do not have the capacity to care about anyone else. I would just like to point out that a narcissist isn't mentally ill. It is not an illness. It is purely a selfish, uncaring, manipulative, cruel individuals which are rotten to the core. The way they act is nothing to do with an illness. They are most likely to target those of us that are vulnerable with illnesses, especially those of us with Autistic Spectrum Conditions because they know that we cannot read the signs to protect ourselves from their abusive ways.