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My Secret Life

I’d like to talk about some of my ‘offline’ work that I have done over the years. It could account for how I have been treated and labelled. I always have said countless times that AS Support Group Online may not always be active. However, I am constantly doing background work. I have done this work since starting A.S.S.G.O. I do not get paid for it. I do it because I genuinely care about the things happening in this world. I may not be able to make a major impact, but every little action helps. I have always had good-hearted intentions, however, my naivety has somewhat let me down. I do see danger, but not in the same way as a neurotypical person. I have to see danger when doing tasks like driving. Nonetheless, I do get highly passionate when I’m fighting for what I believe in. I am not one for getting into physical fights because I’m too whimpy (but there are a lot that I’ve worked alongside that will do that part).

There are reasons why the authorities are against me and have tried to destroy my life by using third parties. I have been exposing some of their wrongdoings for many years (since the age of 17). I was given the criminal label at 18 after I was told to plead guilty to harassment (not proven guilty in a court of law). I wasn’t completely innocent, but I also didn’t deserve that label. In every single case I just wanted a friend. I was never threatening or anything as a young teenager because the anger hadn’t built up in me then. It was set up to discredit me and make sure that I would never be taken at face value by those in authority ever again. I still continued to expose the wrongdoings of the local authority even when I lived down South. I get pregnant and they intentionally dug up all my history. I was never in trouble with the police when I lived down South. I had to move back to the area where I was born. I was ultimately punished for exposing the wrongdoings of those in authority. They took my son into foster care shortly after he was born and placed him for adoption. I had a vast amount of lies put on my records because I fought against their wrongdoings and tried to expose them. I wouldn’t be a target if I hadn’t stuck up for myself against them as a youngster. They can get away with bullying me because I’m a vulnerable adult with very little family around them.

I do believe that if you speak out against the government, there will be dire consequences for you. They’ve ripped my life apart. I can’t talk in detail what things I’ve tried to expose because that would put me in a lot more danger than just saying this is who I am. I do not want to get myself ‘exterminated’. I feel that this is important to clarify because there have been many misunderstandings. I have to do this part of my life in secret. This kind of work can put your family, friends and anyone important to you in danger. There is a part of me that would love to get married and have more children. But, I always fear that if I did those things, the powers that be would arrange for harm to come to them or take another child off of me. I’ve had a few experiences where I was involved in controversial issues and I was chased by another vehicle for many miles. I managed to lose them eventually each time by taking them deep into the countryside and indicting one way, then going the other way. Those things happen to ensure that we are scared into silence. This is the life I ended up in because I stood up against those that did awful things within authority. It is a well known fact that I cannot stand elitists. This is because an elitist did something to me as a child and got out of it due to their status and money. When it comes to exposing the wrongdoings of elitists then I’m very committed to that. There have been so many assumptions about who I am. I just want to put the record straight. I wouldn’t hurt anyone. I never deserved the label that I got and have been set up by the local authority on the last occasion.