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Mike's Story
I was born on the 21st July 1989. I was an aus/english half breed. (And I'm proud of it.) I was bullied in school about it by a kid who was just evil. I had to go every day to that school to receive more off him. A weekend was a welcome holiday to me. Two years after the bullying started he went too far and I landed up doing something that was so wrong I regret doing it. I lost my rag and landed up giving as good as I've had. I hated him, but now I don't. After that two more years later I moved up to a high school. Then the year after I moved to England. CRIKEY what a change. It was almost like a cricket bat had been put round my head. I moved into Queen Croft Community School for people with disabilities. I excelled and loved it there. With the best of friends anyone could possibly have and the most understanding teachers. I was in a much happier place. There I was understood. I got in a fight there. But instead of just suspending me, I received anger management training. It was good I could finally talk about my problems not just fight. It was almost a blessing when that happened as life had become to sour. With the deaths of my two uncles, my nan and some close friends. I had began lashing out where I could. But then thanks to Mrs Brown I was helped. I listened to a guy called John Denver. It helped me so much. Poems prayers and promises, take me home country roads, potters wheel. All helped me see the good in life and gave me a hobby which was inspired by potters wheel. I began to write novels. It was a good enough hobby still doing it. Then with two years left on my schooling, I began to attend once a day at King Edwards School. Like a big grammar school, there I was taught literacy.  I did a GCSE there and got it. They were brilliant all of them were cool with someone from the outside coming in. The thing that was most intriguing to me was that after a month I was allowed to go up by myself. Which I did happily. After two years of going to that school once a day I did my exams and passed two GCSEs with a C and a D. They had taught me well. But I could not have done any of those exams if it had not been for the teachers at Queen Croft School. They helped me so much. It was indeed a blessing to be in that place. I was sad to leave but that was it my child hood was over and my journey to become a man was starting.

I began a new hobby round this time. Warhammer, a game of warriors, skill, strategy  and other ideals. Where you made friends as easily as you moved the figures. I loved it. I still play it and all. I went to the German war graves commission as well that year. I learned of what the horror of war really was. To see all the young mens names. No one can tell you how you'll feel. But I knew one thing that day as I listened to let us begin by John Denver. War does not decide who is right or who is wrong it decides who
lives afterwards. T'was an honour to stand at the cemetery and take part in a remembrance parade with the German mates and lasses. That was where I learned respect. I will always treat the veterans as people but really to me they are heros. People will say super heros. But really there's no such thing. There is a hero who did his duty in face of danger and may or may not have died doing it. I then started college a place called Rodbaston. It was a nice setting plenty of country side. I did animal care for a year. I will not say anymore on it for it will take too long. I kept playing warhammer all year and didnt stop it became a hobby that I honed on. I learned control for my body. It taught me a lot. I then finished Rodbaston and moved on with a certificate in animal care. I carried on in life. I did not know where I'd go next but I went to Connexions and got a place at Queen Alexandra College where I am now. I enjoy it here. It's a nice place. But I will carry this on another day for life is a neverending story and we are the characters in it.