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1. Why do you think your son has Aspergers Syndrome?
Because I'm 100% sure his father & half brother have it and he displays some of their behaviour and more, even though he rarely spends time with them to pick up on it.
2. Is his behaviour difficult to cope with? Why?
His behaviour can be extremely difficult. He has more 'good' days now than when he was younger but when he's going through a run of bad days I dont want to live anymore. He's aggressive, jealous, obsessive in some parts of his life, has strange ways and I knew he was different from 8 days old. Have never known a child like him.
3. How old is your son?
He will be 3 years old in August 08.
4. Do you suspect any other members of your family have AS traits? Who?
As I mentioned previously, I'm sure his father has Aspergers and possibly his half brother as well. His father is practically textbook AS.
5. What have you done to try to get your son diagnosed?
I took him to my GP who did not want to refer him and am still waiting weeks later to hear from anyone.
6. When did these behaviours start?
His odd behaviour started when he was 8 days old. We used to say his head spun like the possessed girl on 'Exorcist'. He was an angry baby.
7. Is there any support being offered to you?
No, I get no support, am a single parent with elder son of 22-he's the only one who really knows what I'm going through as he's still at home with us.
8. What do the rest of your family think about your sons behaviour?
My other son can be easily wound-up with him and mostly has little patience or time for him. On the other hand, when he feels like helping with him he gets quite a positive response. Not at present in contact with any other family.
9. How does he interact with your friends children?
Likes to be around other children they seem to distract him, though there are some kids he will not accept or get on with from day one.
10. How would you feel if your son was diagnosed with AS?
I would feel upset, but a positive diagnosis of anything to give me an answer for his behaviour would be a start in the right direction. I could then, hopefully, find the best ways of dealing with him and hopefully make other people realise why he's the way he is. I don't really believe that he is just a very badly behaved child.