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This film combined humour with real life struggles. I thought it was a great film. It shows with just a little bit of a different approach autistics, aspergers and adhds can have as smooth life as possible.


A huge amount of credit to the mum in real life who does all of it on her own. It also shows if everyone pulls together then things can change for the better. And hopefully now that's been on the television things will start to change in time. The professionals scene was very true to life regarding how they are towards people. They seem to mess about and they have no feasible solutions. Most of them don't even know someone on the autistic spectrum in their personal lives.


They don't understand that if we could change our actions then of course we would but we can't help the way we are as people. Like the film we have to find different approaches to things. The message that we wouldn't intentionally harm or do anything wrong is true. But we don't understand and that's the problem.


Our brains aren't programmed to understand.  One message to remember though as said in the film, different is cool. Let's face it like that film we all need a bit of difference in our life or it would get boring. Good luck to the real life Jacksons.  I hope your film is the start to more understanding of autism and related disorders.

Review of Magnificent 7 on Tuesday 13th December 2005 bbc 1 at 9pm