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1. Do you have brothers and sisters?


Yes, I have one sister.

2. What is/are your diagnosis?


My diagnosis is autism, dyspraxia, clinical depression, learning difficulties and borderline personality disorder.

3. When were you diagnosed?


I was diagnosed with learning difficulties when was I was 4, dyspraxia when I was 9, and autism when I was 14 years old.

4. What are your hobbies and interests?


Singing and dancing.

5. What has been the biggest challenge for you to overcome with your disabilities?


Accepting my diagnosis

6. How did you overcome this challenge?


I was told two years ago by my parents. They never told me Iʼm autistic until aged 16 years old so it taken some to accept that Iʼm autistic. I also I try to understand myself better by doing research about it.

7. Do you feel you have strengths related to your disability that other people donʼt realize?


I can focus on singing and sing in a choir which makes my conductor proud of me as she knows Iʼm autistic. But in the other areas I find Iʼm anxious when Iʼm sitting in a choir at breaks isolated.

8. What do you see for your future?


I have applied for the Xfactor 2009 auditions for singing. If I donʼt get picked I see myself working in a special needs office doing administrative work. Iʼll get treated fairly and my co-workers would also understand how to work with me. Iʼd also like to write a book about my life with autism.