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John's Story

 I'm John Wiley, new to the group, 49.


I have been diagnosed and treated as bipolar for a long time.
A recent re-assessment showed that I'm really high-functioning
Aspergers Syndrome with depression and anxiety explains much about my life.
 My restricted area of interest was pipe organs from a young age. Organ music was important because it related to pipe organs. I was stuck with other things like school, simple jobs, but nothing mattered but pipe organs. I was apprenticed in building pipe organs. When that fell through, at my next two jobs, the people that I worked with heard about how everything related to pipe organs for years.



Eventually, after years and with much effort, I completed a four year college degree in business. My project was a feasibility study of hybrid automobiles. People heard all about that for years. Computers started to be an obsession are the current interest that I have, although now that I am treated, it is not an obsession.



Then I moved back close to family. I soon fell into major depression because of constant spine pain. I was treated for the depression, then re-diagnosed as bipolar disorder. I even became president of the local chapter of the Depression and Support Alliance for years, an all volunteer, unpaid job.  That helped me to be more social.  With a re-assessment recently,at my insistence, correctly diagnosed with  Asperger's Disorder, well, with bipolar of course.



I have had a complex clerical/mailroom job for 12 years now.



I usually walk with my head down, by habit, so I do not make eye contact. When I do talk to someone I rarely make eye contact. Clothing for me must be soft. I have really sensitive hearing. I do not make friends easily as I often say the socially wrong things. 
I am very absent minded and even forget where I am going at work sometimes. I am a real "homebody" and isolate by nature.



I communicate much better in writing than in person since I can
go back and edit, spell check, re-word, take what I said back, etc. 
Often I write my emails  in a word processor and just copy and paste them into the email. It's easier.



I grew up in a small town in the USA in the 60's and 70's, so I was never diagnosed with anything, but often teased and bullied. I was often teased and bullied about being “antisocial” and “retarded”all through high school. Now I know why.