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1. What would you say are your Aspergers traits?
a. Poor social skills, inability to find a voice in groups larger the one on one.
b. Withdraw into myself when confronted with social situations.
c. Debilitating anxiety 
d. Sensory issues to clothing and textures.
e. Inability to get to sleep, get to sleep or stay asleep (practically every day).
f.  Poor diet due to sensory issues, I find the crunch and texture of vegetables between my  teeth intolerable.
g. Inability to pick out voices in crowds and loud noises are painful.
h. Poor eye contact.
i. I find it almost impossible to read peoples faces and intentions.
j. I have poor motor skills, I drop things, I am clumsy and my handwriting is very poor.
k. I do not like to be touched unless I know it is going to happen.
l. I have poor volume control when I do speak.
M. I have trouble with the tone of my voice and how I interpret the tone of others.

2. What would you say is the trait that is the most annoying to you?

My poor social skills cause me the most problems.
3. How was your childhood. Did you find that it was hard to interact and make friends with other children at school?

As a child I was quite lonely with very few friends (if any). I could never play pretend games  as I just didn't know how and as I grew up I found team games very difficult. Overall I would say my childhood was a very isolated experience.
4. Do you wish that you had been diagnosed at a younger age? Have you always felt 'different'?

I was physically abused as a young child 0-5 years so many of my problems were put down to that, in fact I have been misdiagnosed all my life even though I have always known that something was not right I just did not know how or why let alone what. I think a diagnosis would have helped but I do not know how supportive my parents would have been.
 5. Have you ever been able to gain employment or do you live off benefits?

I have had many jobs over 33 in fact, I am a chef by trade but after leaving college I found it a high pressurised career and I just cannot cope with pressure so I started to drive for a living which I did for over 15 years, working alone has always suited me. Tell me to be somewhere, anywhere and I will get there and if humanly possible I will be early or on time at the very latest. Most of those jobs were catering based but I have never had a job for longer than two and a half years. I find people (employers) rude, inconsistent, unreliable and often unfair in their treatment of staff.
6. Do you have a lot of friends? How do you find socialising?

As of now I have no friends out side my family. I have two ex wives and 6 children some relationships have floundered a little but as for friends I find the whole experience too difficult. I had a friend through my tutor group with the Open University but he had Bi-Polar and just dropped off the scene without word although I know he is ok I still don't know his reasons.
As for socialising I find it very very difficult. I don't know how to speak or when to speak so if I do try NT people can be very cruel and rude, so I just don't try any more.
7. Are you hypersensitive ?

I have high sensitivity to some materials, jumpers, tracksuits, cheap socks, I can't wear watches or jewellery other than a wedding ring. I am over sensitive to touch yet I am very heavy handed. My wife and I hold hands whilst watching TV but I end up crushing her fingers but don't know I am doing it, we still hold hand but with open loose hands lol.
8. Would you rather spend time socialising online or in person?

I find online communication so much easier and far less traumatic, online I do not have to worry about eye contact or subtle things like when to speak or how loud I am speaking.
9. Do you feel Aspergers Syndrome holds you back from reaching your full potential in life?

I try not to let it define me but it is difficult when it affects every part of my life. So yes I do believe my Aspergers holds me back but I continue fight on.
10. How were you finally diagnosed? By Who?

I was referred by my GP for some counselling because of depression and I was fortunate enough to be seen by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who ran the clinic I was sent to. She determined that a diagnosis was essential to my mental health.