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An Introduction to Brain Conditions from the inside....

We must change how we do things because our current system is seriously depleted and basically makes things worse for those who are mentally different. Different in the social and brain functioning in general is not a choice, yet people punish those with these kinds of impairments as if their behaviours are a choice.


Brain and social impairment is exactly the same as being LGBT or other disabilities that involve impairments of bodily functions. The only difference is the fact that these other disabilities aren't crossing the law by no fault of their own. Those of you that are old enough will remember that being gay used to be illegal because at that time there was ignorant attitudes fueled by religious teachings.


Hypothetically, I'd like to throw a scenario that sounds moronic but illustrates my point. The government passes a law stating that those who could not walk had to do so in a public place or they would be arrested for breaking that law. Those people would not be able to walk, even though probably a lot of them wish that they could. Well, that is just like us. I'd love to be normal brained, but this isn't going to ever happen. The things I've been put through because I'm not socially like other people aren't acceptable and definitely go against human rights. However, this country allows my human rights to be breached due to health and safety regulations, assumptions/misconceptions about my disability and basically general ignorance surrounding mental illness and brain conditions.


We are in the scientific age where ptsd, bipolar and depression etc can be seen on brain imaging scans. If this isn't proof that my example above is correct, then I don't know what would. If you do scans on any other part of the body, which shows something like a cancerous tumour or some kind of physical ailment. That is still an illness, a malfunction with a physical cause. I believe that mental illness is something to do with injury to the brain. It is not psychosomatic, but caused by chemicals within the brain either malfunctioning due to an imbalance or (more likely in my case because I had a bad head injury at 8 years old and then subsequently had seizures for a while afterwards) due to a previous injury sustained at some point.


I will use my own case as an example here. I had a head injury as a child before my brain had matured. The human brain takes 25 years to fully develop. Any damage within that time can upset neuro connectivity and have significant affect on a persons ability to function. The area of my head injury was my prefrontal cortex which controls the functioning of behaviour and judgment, attention and emotional responses. I am highly emotive because I care to the extreme about everything I value. I have a limited attention span when it comes to learning and passing exams. I'm not good in relationships because I do not judge people right and my behaviour socially is not normal. This part of the brain controls social behaviour. I constantly change my decisions, my actions appear deliberate but they actually aren't, I find it extremely hard to problem solve, I find it impossible to plan things and I only have a good long term memory (short term memory doesn't work so I have got used to repeating things in my head over and over again until I can remember things like important conversations word for word.


These are all pinpointing issues with the pre frontal lobe where I had my injury. Also, when you have an epileptic seizure at a young age while the brain is still developing then it can lead to changes in brain structure and function. Those two factors combined means that my brain could have been permanently left damaged. I have found the medication I put myself on effective and I can feel changes in my brain functioning. I am starting to mature as if my brain is catching up with my age group. These are anti-seizure medication because behaviour issues started after I came off them as a teenager. I know that the last part of this is going to sound weird. But, I have also noticed that I've grown taller because on my daily walks I can see over a lot of fences and walls that I was previously too short to see over. I have always looked a lot younger than I actually am. Maybe my brain damage stunted my development and this medication kick started it again. I have felt like I've gone through puberty recently (which you normally do as a teenager, although I was taken off the previous medication at 11 and have felt like a child most of my adult life). I've had spots which I never even had as a teenager. I've felt the emotions of a teenager which I never did when I was actually that age. I've gone through that stage nearly now. I'm starting to get to the early 20s stage which isn't so confusing and the hormonal part has settled down.

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