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Em's Room

All the tips and life hacks you'll ever need to know as a special unique individual.

A Note From Em (16/01/2016):

Hi :)

I hope that you're all okay and keeping strong through all of life's challenges. I've not really wrote anything on a personal level since closing the blog. I feel that I should  write on this page to update visitors on what I'm doing etc. I do a vast amount of work for social justice behind the scenes. The articles that visitors see on this website are just the tip of the ice burg.

Since recording our #endtheignorance/#yearofdisability video. I have had so many friends requests via my personal facebook account. I do not wish to be mean, however, I cannot accept everyone onto my list. This is why we have a twitter and facebook page for the website. It is impossible for me to add every single person to my personal account. I had to delete the blog for privacy issues. I wish for a separate life away from AS Support Group Online and other things that I see as a form of work.

I haven't been well recently. I'm slowly getting better. I am still exhausted quite a lot. It's also taken a toll on my looks. I'm trying to recover the condition of my hair etc. I've just had to have a few inches cut off because it dried out that much it started splitting up my hair. It's going to take months to get hair which is in a decent condition again. It's still quite dry even though I've had all the damaged ends snipped off. To be quite honest, I feel quite ugly at the moment because I'm still not 100% back to normal. (my looks especially).

I'm forever busy busy busy. I like to keep myself obsessively occupied. I get bored extremely easily. I am isolated because I don't go out socially very often. I actually am not very sociable nowadays. I used to get lonely because I was a youngster. I saw others my age going out enjoying themselves and really craved the same. I seem to have grown up over the past few months. I prefer to stay in. I like my own company. I do still get depressed due to things that have occurred in my life, in spite of that, I seem to have calmed down quite a bit. I still have my difficulties, nevertheless, I refuse to stress quite so much nowadays.

I can't afford to stress at this moment in time anyhow; I have to arrange my exam and revise. I'm doing an IGCSE in Biology via private distance learning. I also have to get my head around Maths because I need to work through Level 1 & 2 of Functional Skills this year and then redo my Maths GCSE next year. I'm slowly getting bits. I can understand more than I did this time last year. I'm then going to have to go onto Access or try to find an adult college which offers 3 A levels which will then give me the entry requirements for the degree I wish to study at University. I'm going on to study an undergraduate in Psychology with Neuroscience. I may need some participants for studies in a few years, so keep visiting the website.

I'm going down this career route to help to promote changes in attitudes towards those of us with brain conditions. After all, I've had to fight in my own case. I had to find a medication to treat my behaviour problems myself because the system kept telling me I could help my issues. I finally have the appointment I wanted with the neurologist soon. This is something I have been trying to get for many years. It is a shame that those of us labelled as 'mentally ill' don't get the medical treatment that they should do. I have suffered a lot of arrogance and accusations from professionals telling me that I had a choice when it came to behaviours that resulted in me getting a criminal record and my soon being removed. I never believed that I was mentally ill. I knew that it had something to do with the Epilepsy and medication I was treated with as a child. Well, more so, the fact that my brain still needed the medication because there is damage still there. Since being on the medication. I am quicker at thinking, more alert and actually feel present. I also am a lot more in control of my actions. I won't spiral off into OCD mode messaging people in the same way as before. I'm not perfect if I'm stressed, but it's an improvement. I'm hoping that I've finally found the answer to my issues. I can't recommend that others take this route. It would be unethical for me to say that it is safe to buy medication from online suppliers. I had no choice. I was brave enough to take the risks having researched the potential dangers. It was really my last ditch attempt due to the system having completely misjudged me and not listening. I'm lucky that the last Psychiatrist I saw listened to me and read the research I took with me. They got me the referral for the neurologist. I saw a Psychologist at the forensic service in 2015 that just told me I was wrong and refused to listen.

Anyway, I must go now because I have so much to do.



Site Manager

Exam Tips - For GCSE Level


In exams, briefly look at the paper at the beginning of exam. If the paper is in the format which consists of a series of questions  - then an essay question that asks you to go through a subject in detail. Start by doing all the sections of the shorter questions in every section, only spend about 2 minutes on each. Then do all the essay type questions. Spend a maximum of 10 minutes on each essay type question. Complete the question that you’re most confident about first (e.g the topic you remember best).




Beauty Tips: Longer Eyelashes without falsies.
  • Make Eyelashes appear longer without wearing falsies...

Applying Vaseline sparingly on the outer side of lashes (side that points upwards direction); you will be able to create the illusion of longer lashes. Disclaimer: This trick will not work for those that have experienced hair loss due to there needing to be some lashes existing. Then finish off by adding mascara over the lashes.



Beauty Tip: To Tame and Condition dry/damaged hair.

Do you wish for less bad hair days? Those of us with long or thick hair often wish that ours would stop misbehaving and go into the styles we want to create. Here is a hair regime that helps control those seriously bad hair days by keeping it smooth and in a reasonable condition to work into most styles. 


1. Shampoo and Condition once a week (please note that these tips are designed for those with coarse/thick textured hair). I would recommend a shampoo and conditioner with keratin or argan oil based ingredients. *Remember to wash hair in warm water to open hair cuticles and rinse in cool water (cold if you can stand it) to seal the cuticles so that hair is smoother when dry.



2. After Shampooing and Conditioning hair; use a deep conditioner with a moisterising complex as ingredients.


3. After towel drying. Leave hair to air dry for approximately half and hour. Now you're ready for the final stage. Either use a product called Vitapointe (approx. 1.99 small tube from savers - uk store) or coconut oil - Then blow dry product into hair to create a style (please don't use too much or you'll end up with greasy hair).- huge tip: do not use serum, only proper oil because it ruins your hair long term.




Optional: Depending on hair texture, straighteners can be used but I wouldn't recommend straightening on the same day as washing due to too much heat; your hair may end up looking like a frizzled mess. Moisture builds up a day after washing. It's safer to wait and just put hair up the day it's washed.

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