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DAvid's Story

I am now 42.8 yrs of age! For the past 7 or 8 yrs I've been convinced that I have some kind of 'Autism'? Now over the last year or so feel sure that I have 'Aspergers'? ALL my life I've had a 'problem' with 'social situations' especially over 4 or 5 people (I feel overwhelmed and feel hyper-sensitive to everything)! I was brought up in very remote countryside till I was 16 and till I was about 30 or so, put it all down to being 'Quiet & Shy'? BUT that certainly does not explain all the very 'strange' things that have and continue to happen to me! I've seen several excellent 'UFO' sightings, had paranormal experiences, and appear to be totally 'different to most people ie unmaterialistic, not much of an 'ego', respect animals and the planet etc etc! I've got into so much trouble defending others, and lately myself when 'injustice' isn't dealt with!! School & Work were a 'nightmare', and dealing with redundancy, incapacity benefit, Doctors, etc etc the last 3 - 4 yrs has been a 'vicious circle' No-one seems to have 'real' answers?? I have a 'theory', and feel sure its true! I have 101 stories to tell, but no-one seems bothered? What I have been told & found out about 'Aspergers' etc seems contradictory and a 'cop-out'?? I haven't even found out if I actually have the 'condition' or not despite all I've done and people I've seen (Drs & Mental Health places)?