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DLA Changes

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Changes may affect people with ASD's Negatively 

The new changes for DLA is planned from 2013. Before then, everyone currently receiving DLA will be reassessed. These could involve face to face assessments in centres which could be miles away from where the person lives. The government insist that the assessments won't be medically based on physical aliments. The purpose of the current DLA system is meant to pay for the extra costs revolving around the individuals specific condition. Although these will be done by a healthcare professional so it may have negative affect for people with ASD's as their disability isn't physical.But wouldn't it be a lot more accurate to access people's needs if information gets supplied by GP's, CPN's and psychiatrists. And is it fair to force people to go to assessment centres miles away from their home? The cost of that alone would take valuable funds from their DLA payments to  travel miles for assessments. The current assessments for Employment and Attendance Allowance wouldn't be appropriate for individuals with ASD's due to the nature of how it affects them. The new system will be referred to as a personal independence payment. One part is mobility costs and the other part is to cover daily living costs. The daily living costs will be replacing the care component. The government is trying to save 20% of the current DLA budget. That means people with invisible such as ASD's may lose out on financial support resulting in their quality of life being significantly reduced.

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