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Demonising Disability Traits

There is a huge need for someone to speak out due to current news segments. There is the fear that these news segments regarding people having been harassed, stalked and murdered will subsequently lead to some form of witch hunt for those of us with disabilities that affect us intellectually and socially. These disabilities could include autism, learning disabilities etc (the list could be endless but it all comes down to intent --- those with disabilities do not have intent, only traits relating to our disability). I’ve been punished for my disability (diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome). But, I feel that I must speak out because of what others are saying in the local area. I have never been offered any therapy (apart from CBT which is a cheap form of therapy that doesn’t even work with most of those diagnosed with an ASD). I understand the point of view of those trying to create awareness of harassment and stalking, but they’re not seeing the potential implications on those with disabilities. It is important that someone points these implications out to the public so that they can decide whether to have suspicion against someone or not. I am trying to prevent a potential witch hunt of those that do not deserve it.

Those of us with disabilities of a social or intellectual dysfunction have to spend our lives feeling left out and unwanted by other people. We just cannot be like a ‘normal’ person and for that we end up socially isolated. In my own case, I have only ever displayed my traits when I’ve felt that no one has taken my point of view on board. That is why I have always displayed my traits in an educational environment. I have been upfront and completely honest about what I can’t do (due to my disability). It’s like talking to a brick wall because they refuse to make any form of adjustments to help you succeed in education alongside your disability traits. They get around making adjustments by quoting their ‘policies’. Then they state that they support others with disabilities, therefore the fact that they cannot accommodate your needs is completely your fault. This is how it has been for me. And when I’ve tried to stick up for myself and fight back, I’m the one that has got harassment convictions. I was told to plead guilty as a youngster. But, I don’t see why I should anymore. I think that it is about time someone spoke out brutally honestly about the reality of living with disability traits which no one understands. The only thing that has stopped me (and probably a vast amount of others) is the potential to get a lot of hassle from others either online or in person during their every day life. It is getting more and more important that these points are made due to the things that occurring out there. I am fed up of being punished for who I am. ‘Policies’ against being Gay existed at one point. There needs to be serious changes in disability cases, as there was in those cases. They need to decriminalise being ‘different’ and only punish those that are truly evil who do deserve it. I only wanted a friend (AS makes it hard to make and especially keep friends), but I got labelled a criminal instead of guided as to how to make and keep friends. I have lived my life being honest and open. I have been punished for being this way. Those that are truly evil are dishonest and certainly not open about their past. I believe in telling the truth regardless how unflattering or hurtful it can be at times. I don’t believe in fakery and pretending to be someone that you can never hope to even be. I used to care about being popular and ‘cool’ as a youngster. However, now I am not bothered whatsoever. I live to please no body and I will be completely brutally honest about the unfairness that exists in our system because someone has to say it.

There is most likely not just myself that is absolutely fed up being hated for their disability traits. It is something that they cannot help and they do not deserve to be punished. The affects it has on us are very damaging. I practically live my life as a hermit now because I have no self confidence left and I feel like no one will support me because I can’t be what they want due to my disability traits. The stress that I’ve been subjected to has made me extremely physically ill and I’m literally exhausted all the time. I cannot get a career because of being labelled a criminal for my disability traits. The things I’ve stated in this article are things that I am quite prepared to say out there in public (radio, tv or whatever) because I feel strongly that people have to know the damage they’ve done to myself and probably others with disabilities due to their lack of understanding. There have been many of us promoting autism awareness for many years. However, we don’t get air time on television like the campaigns in regards to stalking and harassment. Therefore, the public doesn’t get a balanced view on the whole picture, only a percentage of people that do go on to commit murder (most of whom aren’t disabled or even mentally ill in any shape or form). There are many grey areas, not everything is as black and white as the news outlets portray. I fear that things will just get worse for myself and others like me if I do not speak out at this point.