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Deb's Story
I was born with oxygen deprivation.  I had the umbilical cord around my neck.  My Mum was concerned, but nobody wanted to know.  My finger and toe nails were blue for a fortnight.
Anyway, my Mum who was a trained primary school teacher, tried to get me seem by a Child Psychologist.  This did not come to anything and she was told to go away and that my behaviour was awful for my age.
Mum always thought that I might be autistic.  When I started nursery school I screamed for 2 weeks and nearly had to leave.  The reason I could stay was because there was another assistant who was able to give me one to one attention.
In the Infant and Junior school I was considered problematic.  The Headmistress did not understand me and I was scared stiff of her.  The teachers treated me really kindly as they knew that I had got special needs.
I was bullied at the high school and the upper school because I was different, but my Mum was very supportive of me and because of this I survived.  I knew that I was able to go back home where I was safe and supported.  I was able to forget being bullied when I was at home.
I was also bullied by some of my fellow students at the college that I went to.  I did a Caring for People Course which I passed and I did a 2 year course called Preliminary Course in Social Care which I failed as I could not cope with the practical side to caring for old people.  I had to do 2 placements in old peoples homes which was once a week and a 3 week block.  One of the placements was a nursing home run by nuns.  Unbeknown to me the Mother Nun phoned my Mum and said that she didn't want me there as I was a liability.  My final placement was in the college library because the college did not know what to do with me.  I loved it and I was good at it.  I decided to do clerical work.
I have had a number of jobs.  my first job was as a packer, packing shoe soles.  I was very good at the job as it was repetitive.  I got quite fast.  I was made redundant after a year and a half.  I then had a few temporary job.  I then got a job as a VDU Operator.  I could not cope with being fast and accurate at the same time and I was put under a lot of pressure and I was bullied.  I was then transferred to the packing department, packing watches.  I really enjoyed the job and I was good at it.  I had one or two salary rises.  After 7 years I had to leave as I was ill.
After my illness I went to college to train in using computers and felt that this was my nitch.  I got a job as a Clerical Assistant at a hospital.  The job only lasted 7 weeks, as I fould the job too much to cope with and I was badly bullied.  My Employment was terminated due to ill health.
It was then that I was referred and after 35 years I was finally diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.
I signed on to get Incapacity Benefit and Disability Living Allowance.
I got a voluntary job at a disability organisation that was run by disabled people for disabled people.  I do clerical work and I did really well.  I had to leave in the end because the funding ran out and also my Mum was seriously ill.  She sadly died.
I am now doing the domestic work and computer work.  I also do my craftwork so I am busy all the while.