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'Care Plans'

I would like to cover 'Care Plans' for vulnerable adults. They are NOT in any resemblance to care or support. But, obey or else. You end up with a disrupted life if you go against the norm. I will speak out because supposed do gooders have stopped me legally seeing someone I liked. E.g. When you find someone that finally helps you start to settle. Stability is what vulnerable adults need. I have got to the point where I'd rather commit suicide than have this order on me indefinitely. I'm not trying to be difficult. I can't always stick to orders with my disability. It is unfair to have a long term arrangement like that. It is punishing someone forever. The courts shouldn't be allowed to create a discriminating situation for the disabled person. They are fully aware that the person can't stick to the order and by making it they are setting them up to fail. They won't get justice and they'll never see the person they felt some stability with ever again. Yes, I said stuff in anger. But after the kind of stunts my support and all around us pulled, is it any surprise. I make a huge apology for my pitiful attempt at stringing sentences together tonight. I wrote this article after my suicide attempt. I'm just being brutally honest. That is something I'm known for by all that know me. I know that it will upset someone. But, all this has upset me enough to think that taking my own life was the only way to end the pain of longing to be in a friendship which the court is denying me by the order. I've heard bits about what the other person thinks via third parties. However, I still feel that there is still a lot more to the situation behind closed doors. I would never want them to lose their job (yes, I threatened to get them sacked in anger, but I was extremely upset). 

These 'care plans' should teach the clients how to be, not punish them. I had someone explain to me certain things that my support should have told me. They should have explained about things that I had no experience over. I made mistakes over lack of life experience, not malice. I honestly didn't know I was affecting the other person in that way. They don't explain things to you, but only expect you to know social stuff. I felt extremely guilty when I realised how I had affected them. The court still remains to assume that I knew that I was doing and how I was affecting them at the time. When, in fact, I was clueless. This is because the 'Care plans' don't cover that kind of thing, yet there is punishment if you do not act or understand appropriate. I wasn't told how others perceive my actions or how they were personally affected by them. Those involved told me that they were, but didn't actually explain it. That is what they need to say to those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities etc. They're not going to understand the term don't do that because it's not allowed. It has to be described why and why/how the other person doesn't like it. All the outright making orders and getting people to obey is not effective and leads to further issues. These plans enforced by those like social services, police, organisations etc aren't full of enough compromise and flexibility. That conflicts with conditions such as Autism and learning disabilities etc because these individuals have inflexible behaviour patterns, which stems from only being able to think in a particular way. There is either black or white in Autism/Learning Disabled thinking, whereas the grey areas are the inflexible systems that the neurotypicals around us thrive in. Internet age thinking is black and white. Social thinking will always be full of grey areas because each one of us thinks slightly different about each subject. We all can have a situation put in front of us and have slight variations of the facts which we see within those circumstances.

I don't find 'rigid' care plans any help whatsoever. They put more stress on already trying to live with a disability. It is damaging to take those that offer stability away. They really broke me when they did that. I should have had things explained to me, instead of just being cut away from them. That is the part that has made me suicidal, when I don't want what this is going to be forever. That causes me great separation pain. I don't have any hope for life and I've eventually started to give up on life. There is no point when they take away a stable influence which is desperately needed in support.