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Introducing Aspies' Got Talent

Just like the TV show. We are searching for the best talent around, exclusively only open to people on the spectrum.

Introducing Brian

At the age of sixteen months, Brian Lewin Nelson’s paediatrician diagnosed him as having developmental scattering. With each passing month, he manifested more and more symptoms of autism. He would rock at the foot of his bed and try to smack his head into the footboard. He failed to make eye contact and would track the movements of peoples’ mouths rather than their eyes. He would engage in a type of repetitive autistic dance. However, he loved music which tended to have a calming effect upon him.

At the age of nine, his mother enrolled him in group piano lessons as part of an enrichment program at Will Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica, California. He quickly showed his prowess on the piano by outperforming all the other students in the class. To encourage his development in a success activity, his parents provided him with private piano lessons.

During his years at John Adams Middle School, Brian participated in choir in addition to continuing to study the piano. In seventh grade, he won the Kiwanis Vocal Competition for middle school students in the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District.

He continued his music and piano studies at the Orange County High School of the Arts and the Colburn Music School in Southern California before moving on the University of Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in piano performance.

He performs as a church and choir accompanist in both Utah and Southern California. In addition, he is a competitive speed skater training at the Utah Olympic Oval where he hopes to qualify to participate in the Winter Olympic Trials in 2013.


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Introducing Ryan - Age 16

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