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JAcks story

I'm mother to Jack aged 18 diagnosed with AS , dyspraxia and semantic/pragmatic disorder at aged 7.  Although we knew something was wrong with the lad at about aged 2 the doctors didn't seem to know were to start. Jack had several different tests which were negative, the most common one was to test for deafness (tested about 12 times), Jack was like a a toy whizzing round everywhere but in total silence, he walked at 6 months old, never crawled just stood up away he went, i always thought he was a good baby as he was so quite, little did i know.  Anyway he started talking at 4 in one long very loud tone, just in time to start school, it was never suggested that he go to anything other than an ordinary school. Then the real problems start complaint after complaint about his level of noise and inability to sit still, he hated school it seemed to make him worse.  He was falling behind his peers and the headmaster wouldn't acknowledge he had a problem.  We went to the dyslexia school at Rochester Kent for a diagnosis (at this point this is what the school thought was the problem) The report came back with dyspraxia and possible AS but would need mental health doctor to give official diagnosis, we were referred to a Dr Rani and All Saints Hospital Chatham (no longer there) and what a godsend she proved to be, we had our diagnosis of AS, so back to school to ask for a statement of special needs. The headmaster and SN teacher didn't think he needed one as to quote "we have 350 children in this school, 92 have special needs, Jack isn't going to be another one". Stalemate the LEA wouldn't give us a statement with the schools support and the school had made it clear we wouldn't be getting it.  Sometimes luck strikes at just the right time and thankfully we were in the right place at the right time, The SN teacher was going to retire and her replacement started before she left, hello Sue Mason, Sue had been given the SN records of children in the school and she came across Jack, a meeting was arranged between us (Jacks Parents),  her, the head, the out going SN teacher, Dr Rani and a school psychologist from the LEA . to cut a long meeting short we got a statement of educational needs for Jack in his final year of primary school.  Getting the statement was the best thing that could have happened  just at the right time, we managed to get Jack into a speech and language unit at the Secondary School ( not without a struggle ) he would be attending, the class was just 7 boys but if they could manage they would be integrated into the main school and that's what happened.