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I've been thinking about what I want to do really. I do want to do some singing. But I'd like to do it for a purpose. If you're on this website then you'll be here because of your interest in Aspergers etc. I'd like to make a band full of people with the condition and similar. This is along side recording my solo stuff. It's probably best if we start with covers as we all are familiar with our favourite songs. I'm doing this to show that we can do stuff. It's a big up yours to any organisation who teaches people with the condition that they aren't equal. I am as talented as other so called normal people. If I didn't lack confidence because of being told that I'm nothing throughout the years. This is the case with a lot of people on the spectrum. This is why I'm giving people the chance to become an band made up of people on the spectrum. We are just as good as other people who are supposedly normal. I'll sort out a meeting venue depending on where everyone is in the country.

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Id love to be patt of a band!

unfortunately Im a bit over the hill now and I dont have any tallent for either music or singing, ha ha.

I woulldnt mind having a go at song writing. Although Im afraid that I dont have any experience in that area either!

All in all, apart from enthusiasm I have nothing to offer really......   I do have a very talented Brother inlaw who may or maynot be aproachable on the matter though?

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