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After the Scottish autism services network's conference in Perth, a month ago, I been going through my old medical records. With SASN and its friendly psychiatrist on side, I know now I'm safe to stir up teenage mental health history from nearly 30 years ago and challenge it as that they dealt with me all wrong. There is no longer any danger of compulsory treatment happening in retaliation for that. No longer threatened into silence.

I still would not want to tell all the details on the web, of course. Enough to say what a good milestone it is to do this, and you find some shocking stuff in your history in the pre-diagnosis time, the other ways folks were interpreting you. It is well worth putting it right, when you are in a position of not feeling too threatened to go into it: you are entitled to have your own written answer to anything you find in your medical records put into them too.

Record from when I was 4 years old: "mania re broken houses".

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I'd definitely persue any medical notes that are wrong. I'm trying to  see mine but am being denied that right. They say it'll cause harm to others if I see it. Being treated the way I am is an insult and I know it's all down to my records.

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This is very interesting to me.

recently, a psychiatrist gave me a diagnosos of adjustment disorder..  I think as does my wife that this is wrong.  We both think that I have been suffering with PTSD.

I have recently challenged this diagnosis.  It will be interesting to see how things develop.

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