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This was the experiment in 70s America where healthy false patients were planted into mental hospitals and they couldn't tell the difference, disproving they had any skill to define mental illnesses. Described here in an article on the layman's test of reasonability towards claims of expertise. The type of questions needed against all the stuff they did to you www.raggeduniversity.co.uk/2015/06/13/appeal-to-the-man-on-the-clapham-omnibus-by-alex-dunedin/
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Just read the wiki entry for the Rosenhan Experiment.  I didnt read the link sorry.....  I will try and get back to the link somtime in order to see e actly what you have commented on.  For now Ive satisfied my curiosity with Wikipedia.

Very interesting!

Honestly though, to me it kind of makes sense.  Im glad they did this.  Its suprising given the results that we dont hear more about this work..  I wonder how much more in the wY of this sort of study has been conducted.

Somthing tells me that because society has alterior motives for the continuation of an inneffective and often innacurate mental health diagnostic system, I dont think that we are going to see any changes to the status quo even if there was an effort to reawaken this sort of critical analysis of physchiatrys effectiveness and medical relevance? 

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