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Review of After Thomas

I found this program very touching the way he copied the dog for example: sniffing someone. I thought his Grandma was better at getting through to him rather than his parents. It’s awful to think that living with Asperger’s Syndrome in the family can be that bad. I never realised it before I watched that. I personally think that if he went to the special school that they were thinking along the right lines. Although I’m not sure how they’d of made him not go into the moods he went into and started playing up. It was an eye opening drama of how no one could get into his world. Then when they got him a dog it could break into his world. It may prove the fact that people with AS or anyone on the spectrum can communicate with animals much better than with their fellow humans. Some times some of our personality seems animal like so that may be a reason that we can communicate better with them.


It showed the ignorance on the scene where the man said to the rest of the children “That is the an example of the wrong way to be”. The tone of voice he said it in was very ignorant. That man probably just assumed that the boy wasn’t disciplined and that his parents didn’t know how to control him. In a way they couldn’t control him but it wasn’t as if they didn’t try to. It was amazing how when the Thomas the tank engine was switched on the video he just stopped playing up and sat there watching it letting nothing else interrupt his attention. He even was drawn to the Thomas the tank engine videos in another persons house. I think when he called the dog Thomas it made his bond stronger with the dog because of his obsession with the Thomas the tank engine videos. When he kicked the dog towards the end it was a huge shock to watch. You wouldn’t think that he could do that to a living thing that he loved. That is probably where the no empathy thing comes in. He couldn’t put himself in the place of the dog so he didn’t know how much it would hurt it to be kicked like that.


The way the parents pretended that the dog was talking to him and made him listen that way was quite ingenious. Like a lot of people it looked as though they had to get help for themselves as the authorities in between those who are there to help aren’t good at referring people to the right places. They did a very good job.



Considering the way that boy started off and how bad his behaviour manifested he still managed to get his GCSE’s. It said things about the present day in a caption on the end of the program. He was a lot luckier that a lot of people with Asperger’s Syndrome. I think him getting that dog is partly to do with how well he turned out. It would have been an interesting to see if it had of been different without the dogs involvement, whether he would of got anywhere.