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About A.S Support Group Online


AS Support Group Online was started by Emma in 2004. The website recently changed hands to a new site manager, Jeffrey. The founder, Emma, has now returned to help run the website again.

The original aim of the website was basically to be completely different from existing AS websites. We aimed to be unique and tackle the issues that mainstream websites weren't allowed to cover. We have always had a completely different approach to mainstream organisations such as NAS (National Autistic Society).

The website founder has Aspergers Syndrome herself, therefore she is well aware of all the issues surrounding living with AS that doesn't get published in the general media.

The other goal we have always had is to bring everyone together from all different backgrounds to promote  awareness and also the idea of acceptance of difference. We continue to aim to achieve an increase tolerance of the differences in society and significantly decrease discrimination against people whom are on the Autistic Spectrum.

There is a NO bullying rule here. Bullying will NOT be tolerated on this website's community areas, along with spamming and off topic posts on the forums. Anyone caught doing these things will have their membership names and emails banned.

What ASSGO isn't...

We are not a website which promote extremist attitudes. Our primary aim is to educate the public in a non-discriminatory neutral manner. Most of the contributors on this website have had personal experience of discrimination and poor treatment within society. 



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