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My public apology (for all my failings) Click to view.

NEW Article --- Morals Vs. Law in our System - Is it better to do the right thing morally or stick to rules and regulations? - Click Here to view.

NEW Article  --- PREVENT: The Potential Implications (for those of us with mental illness/brain conditions) - Click Here

Coming soon... Preview video above.

Our new internet project starts on 21st December... #endtheignorance is the hash tag. I have published a video above that I posted on on facebook live after seeing things on television last night fueling the ignorance and also certain things could also make things worse for those of us that are misunderstood due to mental health related conditions. I had to put my point across straight after the one show in order to lay it on the line that these changes are not appropriate and that things are already bad enough for those falsely accused due to misunderstandings as it is... and above all at the end, how it makes me feel (which is not taken into account at all). I've taken down the contact form due to abuse from a troll. This means that anyone wishing to contact the site will need to do so through our facebook or twitter page. I apologise for the inconvenience if you do not use social networking sites... but this really can't be helped.

 Please go to the More option on the menu to bring up all the pages available on the complete website. (Our new sitebuilder is being a bit of a pain).

Please feel free to check out all of our information sections. Our mission is to increase understanding of Autism and other disabilities affecting the brain. Links to other website content are on the bar above.... We are encouraging new members to join and communicate on the forum.


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